I was extremely fortunate a couple of weeks ago to attend the screening of the Premiere of Dancer; the beautiful documentary about the talented dancer Sergei Polunin. The movie was being screened to around 200 cinemas up and down the country live from the London Palladium. To make it even extra special we were all treated to a live performance by Sergie then finally he took part in a Q&A.

I adore ballet; everything about it…. The way you can be lost in a story without any words being spoken. The beauty, gracefulness and yet the athletic strength merged together… ‘Gorgeous’

Sergei’s story was extremely moving and yet his natural dance talent is something rather special….

Through this special film and the iconic video featuring the song ‘Take me to Church’ by Hozier and Directed by David LaChapelle; Sergei has reached far more than the usual ballet fan base…

The documentary is still showing in some cinemas / not to be missed.

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