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Film Where? Cameo Past Lives – Starring: Greta Lee, Teo Yoo, John Magaro Director: Celine Song Often the simplest of ‘human stories’ makes for the most watchable of movies; this is definitely true for ‘Past Lives’. I love when a film ‘gets you’ within the first 10 mins and you know you’ll be invested in

It’s time to talk movies……

It’s time to talk movies…… Two great films to share, both completely different! First it’s the long awaited ‘Ticket to Paradise’ with the fabulous Julia Roberts and George Clooney. To be honest, it was so lovely to sit back, relax and watch two extremely professional and likeable actors do what they do best. ‘Entertain you’….


True Things Starring: Ruth Wilson, Tom Burke Director: Harry Wootliff Where? The Cameo Always fab to go catch a movie at the Cameo…. the film is showing at one of the smaller Screens which makes it seem even cosier, friendlier; gives you that ‘at home’ feeling. I saw a very small clip for this film


Movie / ‘House of Gucci’ Where? The Dominion Director: Ridley Scott Starring: Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jared Leto… When deciding on where to watch a movie about the luxury brand Gucci; there is only one cinema….. The Dominion (also, the movie runs approx. two & a half hours so comfort is a requirement)


The Nest Where? The Cameo Director – Sean Durkin Starring – Jude Law & Carrie Coon Watched a very small clip of this movie a few weeks ago; that was enough of a ‘hook’ to get myself a ticket at the Cameo…. The movie is set in the 1980’s; the story is about a married


Where? The Filmhouse ‘Supernova’ Director:  Harry Macqueen Writer:  Harry Macqueen Stars:  Colin Firth, Stanley Tucci Another quality film starring quality actors – Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth….  Apparently they have been great friends in real-life for over 20 years! (this definitely comes across in the movie; their ‘chat’ is so comfortable and real.) It’s a beautiful


The Father / Starring: Anthony Hopkins & Olivia Colman Director: Florian Zeller My 2nd pre-booked visit to The Filmhouse was to see The Father….. I first saw a clip for this film a few months ago; it was only a couple of minutes but that was enough to ‘hook’ me and I’ve been keeping an

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